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Our Journey

In 2022, Lily & Spruce founder Laura Soldano set out on a mission–to find the highest quality, coziest children’s clothes for her son. What she found instead was an industry lacking transparency, patterns and colors that fit a very limited aesthetic, and inflexible garment designs that were impractical for dressing a busy, active baby. After many months of searching and far too many department store returns, it was clear that the garments available on the market just weren’t designed for the comfort of a growing baby, often restricting the baby’s ability to explore freely and comfortably.

So, she set out on a mission–designing and hand-sewing garments for her son that used the highest quality fabrics, prioritized stretch and comfort, and stood the test of their busy and active lifestyle. Once she developed a garment that made mornings, diaper changes, traveling, and playing easier than ever, she partnered with designers and manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest to perfect them and bring them to you.

Our Mission


Childhood is when the little seeds of big ideas are planted. Through exploration, experimentation, and limitless imagination, the shape of an incredible and unique human being begins to take form. AtLily&Spruce, we support and encourage individuality and self-expression in children with thoughtfully-designed, organic garments that inspire big ideas, and are the perfect level of comfy-cozy for squirming, moving, exploring, and growing.

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Our Process
Our Process

Our Pieces

Parents, grandparents, caregivers, or anyone with a busy, active baby in their lives knows the feeling–you’re in a pinch and trying to get baby out the door. What you’re hoping will be a quick, hassle-free outfit or diaper change quickly descends into madness when an inflexible collar gets stuck over baby’s head or you can’t close the endless snap buttons quickly enough with just one hand. Before you know it, baby is fussing and has completely lost their patience, and it isn’t long before you have, too. Did we mention it’s only 8 am and you haven’t even had coffee yet?

Take it from a mom: it doesn’t have to be this way.

When parenthood gets stressful and you just need something to go right, Lily & Spruce™ is here for you.


✔ Uniquely designed and battle-tested by moms to ensure frustration-free dressing and diaper changes

✔ Sustainably, ethically, and locally-made, offering living wages to the workers who hand-sew our garments in the Pacific Northwest

✔ Designed with hand-drawn illustrations featuring loveable, inspiring characters

…and most importantly, they’re made out of our exclusive, ultra-cozy, super-stretchy organic cotton fleece that makes getting dressed a breeze for parents and babies alike.
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We’ve tried countless brands of baby clothes and nothing comes close to the quality, functionality, and brilliant design of Lily and Spruce’s baby playwear line. It’s an added bonus that the prints also happen to be just darling!

— Grace P

It started with a hedgehog